Most celebrities today are sexy, gorgeous, goddess of beauty, and extremely attractive. Although, there are some that are on average beauty. You can find a lot of famous celebrities who are keeping an eye on maintaining their figures, perhaps their overall physique. Find out who among your celebrity favorites are on the list below.

10 Female Celebrities with the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Kim Kardashian– who doesn’t get attracted to her goddess body? She definitely got a ton of sex appeal.

2. Jennifer Lopez– despite her age, she is still gorgeous and the apple of the eye even by the younger generations.

3. Jennifer Lawrence– she is young and very fiercely that making her more appealing.

4. Beyoncé– the moves, the body and the face, undoubtedly the woman with faultless features.

5. Jessica Alba– her body is really stunning, she has gorgeous curves that men go crazy with it.

6. Jennifer Aniston– she maintains her charms with yoga and cycling, she is still hot even she aged more than 50.

7. Gal Gadot– remember when she shoots her recent movie, Wonder Woman? She is pregnant and she still hot and oozes with sex appeal.

8. Scarlett Johanson– like the later one, she is also pregnant while shooting Avengers: Age of Ultron but she still manages to flaunt her sex appeal and do the stunts in a sexy way.

9. Megan Fox– she got her sex appeal due to her love for exercising and getting fit. Her hard work in her workout pays and men have their eyes on her.

10. Kate Hudson– just like Megan, she loves workout too and she finds dancing a very nice habit to sweat away and get her sex appeal ooze more.

Top 10 Male Celebrities with the Most Sex Appeal:

1. Channing Tatum– who don’t get charmed by Channing, he is voted as the People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 2012.

2. Johnny Depp– he is funny and charming, despite old age, he is definitely loaded with sex appeal.

3. Ryan Gosling– who doesn’t forget him in the famous movie, The Notebook. As he aged, his sex appeal is getting stronger.


4. Orlando Bloom– oh, he is really charming with finesse. Orlando is definitely a man full of sex appeal.

5. Taylor Lautner– his masculine posture makes him on the list, his fierce adds up to his appeal.

6. Keanu Reeves– he is a legend, his looks, body, and kindness make him one of the topmost celebrities with great sex appeal.

7. James Franco– he looks witty but he is definitely sexy since he appears on Spiderman, he never get out of sight of girls.

8. Tom Cruise– like Keanu, Tom is one of the leading actors that rock his time and got the interests of people due to his appeal.

9. Robert Downey, Jr.– who doesn’t love Iron Man? Robert definitely gives justice to the character and his appeal is really charming.

10. Daniel Radcliffe– since he was a kid shooting his very first appearance on Harry Potter, people have appreciated his charm and as he aged, that charm turned into sex appeal.

These famous personalities are really irresistible, that is why they are on the top of their career life. Further, each one is maintaining a great discipline and habit to keep their sex appeal oozing.

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